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The World's First
3D Printed Golf Shafts

High-Performance Putters with Innovative Aesthetics


The Snarr 3D Advantage

Snarr3D Inc. utilizes additive manufacturing technology, also known as 3D printing, to fabricate high-performance putters with increased aesthetic appeal. The golf shaft, commonly referred to as the engine of the golf club, directly drives performance and has a significant effect on the speed, accuracy, and repeatability of every putt. Snarr3D's patent pending technology and      data-driven approach unlocks a new era of golf shaft design, resulting in next-generation putters showcasing innovative aesthetics.




Enhance your game with a Snarr3D putter

Optimized weight distribution for more consistent putting

With full control of the weight distribution throughout the putter shaft, Snarr3D's innovative weighting techniques promote better speed control and strike location for more made putts.


Innovative exterior lattices for increased shaft stability

Additive manufacturing allows for custom textures and patterns to be added to the exterior of the golf shaft offering an efficient stiffening mechanism.


Data-driven design for improved putting performance

Independent studies performed by Snarr3D enable better-informed putter design resulting in enhanced feel and data backed results.


The Additive Manufacturing Process

Also known as 3D Printing

Exhibited in this video is the additive manufacturing process known as powder bed fusion that Snarr3D utilizes to fabricate their golf shafts. The process begins with a blade spreading a fresh layer of powder over the build plate. A laser then scans the cross section of the part(s) being made, melting the particles and subsequently fusing them together upon cooling. Another layer of powder is then spread and the process is repeated layer-by-layer to build up the three dimensional part(s). 

Video courtesy of NIST

Additive manufacturing enables the innovative Snarr3D shaft design process

Eliminates geometric constraints enabling unique aesthetic features

Cost effective, low volume manufacturing allowing increased shaft options

Digital, on-demand fabrication reduces product development time


Snarr3D Inc. was founded by two brothers, Scott and Patrick Snarr, who are currently Mechanical Engineering PhD candidates at the University of Texas at Austin. Since they were young, golf has been used as an activity to bring their family closer while also satisfying their competitive spirit. 

Now, they are combining their love of golf with their additive manufacturing expertise to bring high-performance, aesthetically innovative putters to market.



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